planet mars

September 8, 2009 5:39am CST
mars is the fourth planet he say there is life,what do you think whether to believe the news
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• Indonesia
11 Jan 11
Not long ago found a small piece of carbon in Martian meteorites. The findings, to the layman does not mean anything is proved very valuable for scientists.The presence of carbon in the material reinforces the notion that Mars on the Red Planet had no life.
• Kenya
26 Nov 10
You have to believe because they use advanced equipments to detect life in other planets. only small discovery of any thing that sustains life is enough to make them conclude there is life there
• Indonesia
16 Nov 10
I think there is no life, my religion is to explain about it
@gengeni (3308)
• Indonesia
3 Nov 10
This is why people always think attack aliens come from here, and not from Jupiter or Venus. Actually, Mars is one planet inhabited difficult because of the freezing temperatures, wind, sun and almost no atmosphere. Channel seen by astronomers in the early straight-line observation of the experts who believed there is water there
• Indonesia
8 Sep 09
i don't thing that it will the best place for living things to live...although there are claims that there is a life in mars..
@coolcat123 (4390)
• India
8 Sep 09
the problems faced by humans to live on planet mars is that first of all it does not have the ozone layer which is very important for the existence of life. now, there is no water and hence no plants and if no plants then no oxygen also which is the basic need of humans. there should have been life once or life started to begin but ended without the necessities. so, i think there is no life on mars.