1,000 Speeches Selling 1,000 Pages

@ParaTed2k (22981)
Sheboygan, Wisconsin
September 8, 2009 7:58am CST
It took over 1,000 pages for the lobbyists and special interest groups on the payroll of the Central Committee to define "health care reform" for the United States. The Central Committee never intended those pages to see the light of day before being passed into law, but as they learned, they don't always get what they want. So now they are forced to make their case to the members of Congress and to We the People. What is it about Obama, Pelosi and Reid that they can't seem to make us understand that, not only isn't it important for us to be privvy to the words on the 1,000+ pages, but no one need bother reading them.. including those whose votes would be part of giving those words the full power and force of law? They have all given more pages of speeches than the original document. They have explained, reexplained, explained why their original explanation wasn't the "real" explaination and even explained what other people think about the bill. They have even tried to excuse their own ignorance of the whole thing by saying there are too many bills being considered to try to explain just one... I guess they forget that they did have just one... the one they wanted passed sight unseen. So where are we now? Awaiting the return of Congress to Washington... to start the whole mess over again. You'd think that when they started to "reform" something, they would have already had an idea what they wanted... But all they really wanted was the power the 1,000 pages would have given them. YOu know, the ones that spent a lot of time giving government a lot of power, but wouldn't start helping anyone in need of health care for 3 years. Give it up idiots, your plan sucks!
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