which one is better scion tc or mitsubishi eclipse?

mitsubishi eclipse - my '06 mitsubishi eclipse gt. 263 hp V6
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September 8, 2009 3:14pm CST
im an 18 yr old and i drive an '06 mitsubishi eclipse gt. i think scion tc is okay it looks good, sporty and typically designed for teens lol. so before i bought my car i chose between mitsubishi eclipse and scion tc but i settled for the eclipse since it suits me better, looks better and runs faster than scion tc in my opinion. 2009 scion tc - 161 hp 2009 mitsubishi eclipse gt - 263 hp
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13 Sep 09
You have to be who you want to be. I'd also take the Eclipse. It is a much nicer car in my opinion. To really make the best out of your ownership, learn the mechanics of the vehicle, how to maintain and how to modify and you will love that vehicle even more. Scions are nice vehicles, too, and can be modded, but the Eclipse is in another realm. With simple modifications you can do a lot more with that Eclipse and a new Scion. I'd start out with the muffler/exhaust and switch over to every synthetic fluid you can find for your vehicle.
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15 Sep 09
whoa thats some tips right there dude. yeah for me eclipse looks nicer thats why i chose it over scion tc lol. thanks for replying man. and thanks for giving me some tips about modding.
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21 Jan 10
Well in this situation I would say... Compare the two closer... Which one can be tuned (not riced-out with a fart cannon and a plastic intake). By tuned I mean, actual performance engineering, tuning and testing... I know a a guy who has a 2009 Scion TC that he races at the drag strip. It's been to the dino, and it runs at 463hp at the wheels. No nos, no ridiculous modifications. Just superior ingenuity, performance tuning, and a couple of guys that racing is their passion...