so what? some people aren't as fast learners as other people.

September 8, 2009 3:56pm CST
I took a sociology course last year and they always taught us that everyone learns at their own pace. Everyone develops differently as well. You can't force someone to do something if they are not ready to do it. Like potty training, you can't force a child to use the potty. It's got to be at their own pace with encouragement. And it really irks me that some people don't understand that. You can't force anything upon anyone. If you yell at a toddler to use the potty, it's just going to make him not want to go. If you yell at a child to eat their veggies, it's just going to make them not want to eat at all.. For example, I was reading "big kid" books by the time I was five. Other kids I went to school with at that age didn't read "big kid" books until they were big kids.. Some of them didn't even learn to read until they were in grade 1 or grade 2 and they don't learn big books and words until they're older than that. It's so upsetting to have people argue and yell at me when I tell them that you can't force someone to do something if they aren't ready. Do you agree, disagree? I'm looking for an open discussion and possibly a healthy, friendly debate.
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• Indonesia
9 Sep 09
because they not seriously learn what they studying it.
@dex1007 (556)
• Malaysia
9 Sep 09
of course i agree. its just that not many people know or acknowledge this. my father for instance, i'm the only one from my siblings to not score straight A's all my life, and he thinks thats because i'm just a lazy person. when the truth is i study just as much if not more (and i'm saying more) then my siblings. he insists that if i tried harder i would be more like my siblings. I used to try hard, but i've given up, I guess i'm just good in my own stuff and engineering is not me. Therefore after taking engineering for 2 years, i changed my course of career and went into language and literature. can't say my result are constant flow of A's now, but they are better than before. So i agree with you.
@prinzcy (5034)
• Malaysia
8 Sep 09
It's true, not everyone move at the same pace. Just because we can master something at a certain time, we can't expect others to do the same. I teach one of the best class in Form 1. Yet, there are a few that may not be able to cope with others and lagging behind. They need extra explanation and examples. They will be lost if we just assume they're like the rest of the class that can do their work with less guidance. But if you guide them and let them move in their own pace, they'll be able to catch up eventhough it's slow.