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United States
September 8, 2009 7:57pm CST
I was wondering what was your favorite class while you were in high school. My favorite class was math and gym. Math came easy and gym was just fun. What were your favorite classes in high school? Why were those classes your favorite? What made them special?
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• India
19 Dec 09
My favourite class was my Boilogy class while learning biology we learn so much about the human body for men and women their diffrent organism and shapes as well..
@MJAL08 (275)
12 Nov 09
my favorite classes would have to be economics, history, english, geometry and phys ed. I love them because its so interesting, i learn so much. I hunger knowledge and these subject keep me awake. I love them! i love proving in geometry. I love literature, i was a sucker for language and the arts of writing. History showed me hoe all the things started and how i came to be. Physical educations test and challenge me.
@much2say (35976)
• United States
12 Sep 09
I was in honor and AP classes in high school, but I was not into academics, so I really dreaded going to those classes. My favorite classes were those that fulfilled my ever growing creative energy . . . like creative writing, painting, journalism . . . and I was a part of the yearbook staff as well as the school paper. I also enjoyed jazz dance which was apart of physical education. All these creative classes motivated me to get into the creative field later on . . . and they were a terrific break from the academics!!
• United States
10 Sep 09
My favorite class would of had to been my dance class. The teacher was young and hip so it made the class so much better. He was an awesome dancer and since i grew up dancing i wanted to be like him in school and do as what he was doing. I didn't just have one favorite class but another one as well and that class was my aerobics class. The teacher was a lady and she was so cute and so funny and even thought there was class work to be done i still enjoyed it because i was learning but also exercising and to me that is great and i loved doing that. I also did liked my marine biology class as i had a lot of friends in that class and it made it a lot more interesting then. Classes with friends are a lot better and more fun for you.
@beeduzhe (138)
• China
9 Sep 09
Music is one of my favourite classes in high school,I like to listen to the teacher playing the piano when she taught us a new song.We only have one music class at that time,and I always waiting for that day to come.I like our music teacher too,I think she's really pretty...But I hate math in high school,it's boring... I have graudated for several years now form high school,where the most memorable place in my mind,I have my best friends there and I have grown up in those years,I think I will never forget my high school,especially the music classes... beeduzhe