@Pici0274 (557)
United States
November 13, 2006 8:08pm CST
When people ask me if I am religious, I say no. I am not religious. I have many religious beliefs, that's true. But, I consider myself spiritual, not religious. What's the difference?
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@valmiki9 (1171)
• India
19 Nov 06
Religious is that person who follows a religion metculously without questioning the need or relevence of certain rituals or practices which might have gone out of date now. Spiritual person is one who wants to know about the spirit or the soul and how to attain inner peace and happiness.
19 Nov 06
I have to agree with you. I am by birth C of E ( Church of England ) I was made to go to church as a kid. But now, I've been a spiritualist for the last 10 years.