do u lie to ur gf or bf?

September 9, 2009 3:41am CST
in todays world nobody is perfect. now relations are also changing. how many of u lie to ur bf or gf?
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• India
9 Sep 09
BASICALLY i don like to lie n i expect the same from others too... but my gf s a lie freak . she always lies to me. small things or big things she always lies n wont even make an apology if i come to know abt it....but as i said i wont lie to any one den how can i lie to ma dearest girl.. i wont lie... if at all i lie also ,tat wont give me peace until i tel de truth to her.
• United States
9 Sep 09
I don't lie to my boyfriend about anything. I feel bad if I just withhold information from him, which isn't even technically lying.
@med889 (5954)
9 Sep 09
I do lie to my boyfriend however if is very trivial as a matter, when I get late I tell him that I am nearly reaching and when I know he will scold at me then I lie to him that the bus was late when I was infact late while dressing up. So such lies I think is very common, and I do tell him the truth after some times though.