Spectacularly bad service at Burger King

@o0Tora0o (356)
United States
September 9, 2009 4:43am CST
I was reading through one of the LiveJournal communities I'm a member of (bad_service) a little while ago, and I came across an entry that literally made my jaw drop open in shock. The poster and her boyfriend went through the drive thru at a local Burger King. They ordered their food, and they were asked to pull forward so the employees could serve other customers while they waited for one of their items to finish cooking. About 15 minutes later, they still hadn't gotten their food. They go back to the drive thru window, and see the employee who took their order and their money through the window. While they're watching, she looks at them, lights up a cigarette, and walks away from the window! Oh. My. God. I can't imagine what I would have done in that situation. I've stopped going to certain fast food restaurants in my area because I know they don't require their employees to wear gloves when preparing food. Smoking in the kitchen, on the other hand... ew ew ew ew ewwwwww! Sure, she was "just" the cashier that night, but who's to say she's not helping with food prep when the other employees are busy? I used to help with some of the frying between orders when I was cashiering at Taco Bell. Just thinking about someone who's that careless preparing my food... ugh! Would you have felt like complaining about her smoking in the kitchen was overreacting, or completely justified?
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9 Sep 09
I never liked any of the fast food places because you always get either unhealthy food or get 'unhealthily' served I always prefer cheaper restaurants of publig dining rooms. Never go to McDonalds or BK...God forbid.
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9 Sep 09
A lot of fast food restaurants are adding healthier items to their menus now. It doesn't change the fact that the majority of their options are hugely unhealthy. I try to avoid fast food as much as possible, but I've been eating a lot more of it lately. Burger King's burgers and fries are one of the few things that sound appealing to me and actually stay down. And then I read things like the story I posted above...   :(