computer errors

September 9, 2009 11:30am CST
I have a computer, when I use a little longer always be errors. I hold the coolant is very hot. What should I do?
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@commanderxo (1494)
• Canada
10 Sep 09
Computers DO put out a lot of heat, it's true. Suggestions: If you are running a PC (tower or desktop)...even though they are equipped with internal cooling fans, they still need plenty of ventilation space. Make sure the computer is not closed-in or surrounded by other materials. Also, place it in a cool, "semi" dark area, away from sunlight, or lamps that produce excessive heat. You can also buy small cooling fans that you can place next to them. If you are running a Laptop...then these especially get very hot, due to the thin-ness of it's bottom area. There are several cooling pads that one can buy, for it to sit upon. Some of these types are equipped with fans, although they can get fairly expensive. Others, are made out of plain simple rubber matting, which disperses the heat evenly. And lastly...shut your computer off, and let it cool down for a while, before using it again. Computer processors (although heat-sinked & perhaps fanned) do a continuous amount of work, while the computer is running...EVEN when just sitting idle...and therefore, also generates quite a lot of heat as well. cdrxo
@dhugoi (315)
• Philippines
10 Sep 09
Please be specific with your post, if you really wanted us to help, use additional info for us to determine the real reason. Given the fact that your computer have a coolant is seems to me that is a high end one. There are a lot of reason why it is running hot, its either hardware or just a malware/virus that uses programming loop that keep your cpu in its peak power thus the heat it creates. For software you can try, anti-virus to remove any malware/virus. Then use defrag, delete temp files and cookies of your browswer and check if it make any difference. if not then go to hardware. For hardware you can clean your system cpu, if you know how to, after cleaning the motherboard from dust, using pencil eraser clean also the contact edge of your peripheral, (video card if you have one, memory and other card that you have) you can also remove and reinsert the cpu itself. If the above procedure doesn't make any resonable change, I suggest you should call somebody who is qualified to service your unit, to avoid the risk of worsening the problem. Good luck.
• China
10 Sep 09
So what kind of errors?Is it blue screen or without any reaction... I think you should check your fan according to what you said,then try to clean the inner part of your computer carefully.Does the errors happen each time you use a little longer?Software can also cause such problems,so make sure you installed proper software,and of course you should have some software for cleanning the rubbish in your computer,and do it regularly.
@May2k8 (16397)
• Indonesia
9 Sep 09
Things that make your computer error is the fan spinning very slowly than before. Dust also affects the working of the tools that are in the computer. At least you have to clean it at least 3 weeks or so, or if there is visible dust you can do it. In my opinion cooler with aluminum better resist heat from the computer.
@rgmuthu (93)
• India
9 Sep 09
Can you provide the configuration details?. Either you need to upgrade your configuration or you have to call your system engineer who will help you.