Please don't boss me around

United States
September 9, 2009 3:22pm CST
Today at work, I was assigned to work with a co - worker of mine to finish a shop order and also needed the paperwork done neatly and completely. She has spent most of the morning chatting with her friends or her son over the phone while at work. And I tried my best part to help her out to finish the work. Toward the end, I tried to slow down and relax myself a little after a long day, she started to shouting and calling my name all around the places. She said that she want to finish it as quick as possible, and sounds like she bossing me around. I want to be nice to her, but I almost wanted to shout out, "if you want to be quick, why won't you leave your cell phone, and focus more on work instead of spending whole morning and lunch time chatting?" I done most of the work now, and try to relax myself a little, she act like she be the boss. Don't you hate people like that?
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18 Sep 09
i always encounter bossy people especially in my work place because i work as a nurse. i also hate people who boss around as if they are superiors than me which in fact we are just of the same level. well, my tactic is i will not let them do that to me so i talked to them in a soft way so that i wont create a fight. hope you and your partner will have time to talk with each other and discuss the things you both don't like.