Sakura or Hinata? Who's the best Ninja?

United States
September 9, 2009 6:59pm CST
I've been wondering for a bit which ninja female is better. Some of my friends say Sakura, and some others say Hinata. But what I want to know is which one has more potential? Support your reasons.
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@Tantrums (945)
• Philippines
23 Sep 09
When it comes to technique, then that would be Hinata! But when it comes to battles or fights... I think they're neck and neck together... Sakura has that monstrous strength while Hinata has that pin point precision technique (I forgot the name).
• Canada
26 Sep 09
ahhh, you mean some palm strike?
• United States
12 Mar 16
You both mean the Gentle Fist. Anyway, I agree, @Tantrums. Between the two, it's like each makes up for the other's weaknesses. I'm actually re-watching the series now, and I'll never forget the first few eps of Shippuden, when Kakashi re-tested Naruto and Sakura with the bell challenge. Sakura's definitely the new Tsunade when it comes to strength. And Hinata's also been working on her Taijutsu. I really admire her for asking Neji to help her hone her skills. As for @Aisanbiscotti's original question, it's too tough a choice. I like them both.
@glaiz_9 (366)
• Philippines
15 Feb 10
I vote for Sakura. She's strong and can manipulate his chakra excellently. She's also a great medical ninja and is also talented. Though I must admit that she's so week in the first seasons of naruto.
@animestan (321)
• Canada
26 Sep 09
I'll have to answer this question saterically. NEITHER No ninja wears a bright pink/red outsit. No ninja yells out the move the are about to execute. I thought a ninja was supposed to be about stealth.
• Indonesia
16 Sep 09
I think sakura is better, she's diligent of Tsunade (5th Hokage) and Kakashi said she will be stronger than Tsunade (In Naruto shippuden episode 5).. BEcause SAkura special in Genjutsu.. But I like Hinata too.. and hope Hinata will be Naruto girlfriend.. ^^