Question about my first payment

Morristown, New Jersey
September 9, 2009 7:37pm CST
I have been a member of mylot for a while now but was not really active in the beginning. I finally broke ten dollars last August, around August 20th or so, and I have about 11.50 in my account now. We get paid on the 15th right? And into paypal? It will be my first payment. Do they pay the ten dollars only, or the full amount that is in your account as of Sept 14? I am just curious, though I guess i will find out soon. I know that some sites like Scavenger Cash just pay you the one amount, and earnings over that get carried over the next payment. You could have seven dollars in your ScavengerCash account but you are only paid five, the rest is carried over to the next payment period. I've never been paid by ScavengerCash, I just joined them, but they say that's how it works. Anyway I was just curious about Mylot. Will I get ten dollars of the full amount?
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@rosekiss (30329)
• Eugene, Oregon
10 Sep 09
What you make from the 1st to the end of the month, si what you get by the 15th of the next moneh. The rest is carried over to the next month. I know it can be confusing especially for those that are just getting paid for the first time. I tall becomes clear to you as you go along. I have been paid 2 times already, and due to get my 3rd in a few days. My goal here is to get the payout every month, and so far I am getting it, and it has taken effort on my part. Nothing in this life is easy, as we all have to put effort into it. Good luck to you and happy mylotting.
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@myliezl0903 (2730)
• Philippines
10 Sep 09
it actually depends on what you get on the day of cut off ., like if our cut off date is on 30th or 31st .,you will be getting all the amount that you got on that day ., if its 11.50 then it will credited on the 15th ., you will be receiving an email if they already transferred it to your paypal .,