Why did Kane unmasked?

@n2kn2k (24)
September 9, 2009 8:18pm CST
Why did Kane unmasked half a decade ago? I know that the storyline reason was losing to Triple H in a World Heavyweight Championship. But what is the actual real-life reason? Does anyone know?
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@sion316 (228)
12 Nov 09
I dont know the real life reason behind it but i think it was just the direction the company wanted to go. Around that time with new up and comers i think some wrestlers who has been there for some time were at the point where ideas wernt coming up often and since kane has been there for so long they wanted to give him a good storyline and get more fans on board. I Think its helped Kane he has had some great feuds and matches since being unmasked and it has really put his character across more.
@sheetalnr (588)
• India
11 Sep 09
All i can say is that he was fedup of wearing a mask to wrestle.
• Australia
10 Sep 09
Kane unmasked yeas ago because thats the way Vince wanted the storylines to go. Its just a gimmick and by doing it they thought that it might be good for ratings. Because the higher the ratings the better. I guess liek the person above me said it was time for a "new" kane. I really do wish thoguh that they would mask kane again maybe before he retires because I liked the old kane better.