Do You Think Drunk Drivers Should Be Declared Dangerous Offenders?

September 9, 2009 8:40pm CST
I've been listening to the news on my local radio station, and they've been talking about a drunk driver who got a life sentence for killing a woman in her wheelchair on her 47th birthday. The woman,who was out with her dog, was thrown into a ditch after he had hit her. Get this: it was his 19th offense! The judge sentenced him to life, and the prosecutor wanted to have him declared a dangerous offender, but the judge said that designation wasn't intended for drunk drivers. Apparently it's reserved for the most offensive criminal like murdrers and serial rapists. UHH HELLO! Wouldn't a man who continually drives drunk knowing what can happen be considered a murderer? It does in my book anyway. Obviously if this ding dong had 18 other convictions besides this one, then he has no intention of doing better. So, doesn't that make him a dangerous offender? What are your thoughts? xoxo Cyne
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