What's your experience to accept God really?

September 9, 2009 9:12pm CST
Hi, dear mylotters here! If you believe in God, could you please share me your experience to accept God really? In China, majority don't believe in any religion. And people have religion background, majority are buddhists. When I tell others I believe in God, they always ask me: "Why do you believe in God? You are so young, how can you do this?" I know God is a wonderful guider in my life. Generally speaking, I'm a rational person. I seldom experience like some christians who are crying when praying or always be moved by Holy Spirit. But I believe in God. Sometimes, in our fellowship, some people don't believe in God ask me "How can I be a Christian?" or "If God give me a positive feedback on my prayer, I will believe in immediately". I know deeply the second question is incorrect, and this will offend God. In fact, if we do this, we bring God in to the temptation. But I think many christians around me (in China), they began their faith via this method, including me. I used to think a lot of people in western countries believe in God. But then I found many foreigners in China, except those I meet in Church, they are not so warm-heart about God. They even don't believe in God. So I really wonder if you'd like to share me your belief experience from a non-christian to a christian.
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