can you describe your father in one word?

@jen14ed (866)
September 9, 2009 9:35pm CST
in one word my father = Drunk.......... because she is always drunk?
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@kumakuma (84)
• Malaysia
26 May 11
I would say.. Handsome. Whenever I show my family pictures to my friends, most of the would say I have a very handsome daddy. I think that's why I'm cute because of genetic from my daddy.. HA-HA Just joking.
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@jhenn22 (1242)
• Philippines
10 Sep 09
"Ideal"....For me, my father is the ideal dad because he is good family man, a great dad, responsible husband and a great friend. Although he wasn't able to reach his ambition in life due to poverty when he was his younger years. My father is hardworking and very smart. A lot of people couldn't imagine how my dad handled a huge family and able to send us in a good reputable school without asking any help from other people. My dad is great because he can still cook for us even he is tired from work. He can still cuddle to us his kids and listens to our problems. He still have time to went out with my mom for a date. Though he is not too expressive on how much he loves us but we can feel it that he really loves us. My dad is a great person because he helps a lot of people especially the less fortunate. Although we are not rich but he still set his mind to help others especially if he has extra money from his pocket. And sometimes he will give his last money to someone who needs it badly. A lot of things to say about my dad but i guess its too long to mention it here...hehehehe
@Hatley (164222)
• Garden Grove, California
10 Sep 09
hi jen14ed yes a hypocrite, he professed to be a christian yet he molested me his 7year old daughter because my mom 'was ill in the hospital and not available to him, just once'because I was so afraid of him inever let myself be alone with him'in the house ever again., I hatedhim for what he did, he betrayed me his'own dau ghter he whom I had worshipped and loved. he was a hypocrite.
@genihanna (358)
• United States
10 Sep 09
Wise. I asked my dad once, "Daddy, why do I always have such bad luck?" He replied, simply, "Because you're living wrong." It made so much sense. He didn't talk much, but when he did, you always listened.