values speech presentation

United States
September 9, 2009 9:51pm CST
i have a speech presentation next week but i cant think of a topic. it should be a 'values speech'. for example your topic would be your family, basically you have to talk about the good values you got from your mom or dad or whoever from the family. or say, you idolize your dad because of his certain good trait that is worthy of recognition. knowum sayin? im sorry guys if it doesnt makes sense but i would be happy if you try to help me i might get an idea about what to say in my speech next week.
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• India
11 Sep 09
Hello Friend, Why don't you select a topic like " Positive Thinking for Practical Success !" The salient points in favour of this topic is that it has more than one enticing or attention-getting word,like Positive Thinking, Practical ways and Success. It will instantly get the attention from many with the expectation that you could throw some new insights into these topics for the benefit of the persons concerned.You could touch upon and elaborate any or all of these points which will make many start thinking : 1. Why so many of us are, by default, negative thinkers ? 2. What is really the meaning of Positive Thinking ? 3. What factors could make one a Positive Thinker ? 4. What are the real benefits of Positive Thinking ? 5. Why should everyone of us aim at success at all times ? Hope some of these points will help you generate some of the relevant ideas which your audience may find interesting and useful. Best of luck ! - P. Ameer Ali
• United States
11 Sep 09
Im sorry dude this isnt the one im looking for. I was thinking abt a topic that meets my assignment which is to deliver a values speech.