Clergy Burnout

@mcrowl (1050)
New Zealand
September 10, 2009 4:04am CST
In my job I work with a lot of material related to clergy or ministers of the church struggling with burnout and overload, with stress and depression. Many of them choose to carry on and keep working through these difficult times. Barbara Taylor Brown was one who chose to leave the church rather than to go under. She was admittedly a workaholic, but nevertheless found that the stress of being at the beck and call of all and sundry just began to swamp her. She wrote a book, Leaving Church, which I read and reviewed earlier this year.
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• United States
19 Sep 09
Thank God, Christ didn't run away when he was about to be crucified...when doing God's work, it often isn't easy. When we are tired and see burnout coming - that is what Christ meant when he said "when you are burdened, I will carry your yoke". It is possible that she thought it was her calling to be a clergy, when, in actuality it wasn't. But, we have all been there...times when we want to give up, and have walked away...which makes Jesus so special...he never did!
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@mcrowl (1050)
• New Zealand
19 Sep 09
Yes, I thank Christ he didn't give up either. I think he probably handled his time better than many modern clergy do. Part of the problem now is that they're so accessible, by phone, email, cellphone etc. And, instead of walking from one place to another, which gives you time to breathe and reflect and get your energy back, they're rushing about from moment to moment. And you make a good point about the 'yoke' - too many of us try to carry it for ourselves, I think, instead of handing it over to Christ.