What did you do to have a healthy skin and free from wrinkles?

September 10, 2009 9:11am CST
there are also natural ways like drinking tomato juice everyday. Did you know that drinking tomato juice everyday you will notice that your skin becomes younger and free from wrinkles?
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• United States
10 Sep 09
I didn't know that tomato juice can do that. Have you actually tried it and know it works? I like tomato juice so I guess it is worth a shot to try it. I have very thin, sensitive, blotchy skin with fine wrinkles that sometimes look like crepe paper and I have tried many over the counter, natural remedies and some prescription medications over the years but nothing seems to work very well. There are two that seem to calm my redness a little......Neutrogena Deep Clean Wave and Proactive Sulphur Refining Mask. As for wrinkles, keeping my face moisturized with any good lotion helps them somewhat but for the most part, I have just accepted that I have fine lines and they will probably get worse the older I get. I do not let it bother me though or interfere with my self esteem because my beauty is on the inside where it really matters!
11 Sep 09
yes, i actually tried it actually i drink tomato juice everyday since it protects your skin under the sun, you will actually feel the effect gradually as you will notice that your skin become healthy. I also tried everyday to use a half of tomato for my face and tried it you will feel that your face is super smooth.
• India
10 Sep 09
Hi There, You are absolutely right having tomato juice do provide some help to skin but one point i want to add is drinking lots of water is equally important for skin to be beautiful.
10 Sep 09
yeah, you're right it is very important also. That's why i make sure that i drink at least 8 glass of water a day aside from tomato juice and carrot juice.
@Juli_angel (1063)
• Israel
11 Sep 09
I was not aware of that one! what I do is that I drink a lot of water, to hydrate my cells. when you drink water, it prevents your skin from wrinkling because the skins cells don't loose liquids. can't wait to try the tomato juice tip!
@marguicha (124785)
• Chile
11 Sep 09
I love tomato juice but I think that wrinkles are in a great part of genetic origin. And from what I have seen, I think people with very white skin wrinkle easier than people with darker one. Melanine protects skin from harmful ultraviolet rays. But, of course, any fruit or veggie that has vitamin A is good for skin. Happy posting!