The Jutting Pier of Qingdao

September 10, 2009 9:42pm CST
The Jutting Pier is a simbolic structure of Qingdao. It is also named Zhanqiao in Chinese, located in the west of shinan district. The Jutting Pier is actually an extention of the Zhongshan Road, which is a shopping road in Qingdao. It was found in 1892, when Zhang Gaoyuan, the commander of Dengzhou of Qing Dynasty, was appointed to station troops in Qingdao. He ordered to build a 200 meters long, 10 meters wide simple pier to ficilate the transportation of military supplies and anchor the warship of Northen Navy. in 1897, the German Army landed from Qingdao Gulf, and occupied the city. The Jutting Pier was the winess of German invasion. In 1900, the Jutting Pier was destroyed by a typhoon and was rebuilt as long as 350 meters long with a light rail on it. When the Dagang Port was finished in 1905, the Juttign Pier ended its hostorical mission and opened to the public. From 1931-1933, the Jutting Pier was rebuilt of reinforced concrete, exteded to 440 meters long, 8 meters wide. A semi-round embankment was built at the south end. On the embankment, they built a tow-story pavilion in traditional Chinese style, named "Huilan Pavilion". From the octagnal pavilion, you can enjoy the upcoming billows in layers. This beautiful scene is called Ripple Diverging Pavilion as the top of the ten scenic sights of Qigndao. At the peak season, daily tourist's arrivals are more than 20,000 at the Jutting Pier my msn: an english speaker guide of Qingdao
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