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@842484 (103)
United States
September 11, 2009 12:06am CST
How do you come up with topics for discussions on myLot?
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@marguicha (165891)
• Chile
11 Sep 09
For me it´s easier to answer than to post. But my posts deal with interests I have, things that I have seen, problems I have, joys I want to share. I see mylot as a gathering of people as if you had a party in your house. You talk witth some and are not interested in what others are talking about. Happy posting!
• Philippines
11 Sep 09
Base on your chosen interest, like if you choose life, then you can ask question about life, and you can share your won opinion about it. its will be easy for you think of a topic if you chose interest. Though i participate discussion here by answering or giving idea to some of the topic here and for me its already enough specially if i run out of questions to ask to start for a discussion.
• Australia
11 Sep 09
I don't make much discussions on mylot, as I can never think of anything good to start a discussion about. However, at times when I want to say something I start a discussion. I actually started one around 5 minutes ago about something that is making me angry. Enjoy mylot!
@kmaram (2534)
• Philippines
11 Sep 09
Hi there, well i dont really make many discussion here there are days that i dont do any discussion i just busy commenting to others discussion. Anyway, when i write discussion here most of the time my experiences in my earning sites, and sometimes anything good happened to myself. The reeason is that i can relate to them everytime theres someone answer my discussion, well i am happy here doing or just commeting in any discussion, keep on mylotting