What's your favorite game show?

September 11, 2009 5:54am CST
Hi all, I remember when I was little I really want to participate in quiz like Family Feud, Wheel Of Fortune, The Price Is Right, Takeshi Castle (Japan game show), Crystal Maze (UK) and of course the most exciting one for kids, Fun House. I remember watching every episode of it and fascinated by the set, the game, the big prize, and also the fun and tension they made to the audience. Unfortunately, none of those quizzes are are aired in my local TV network, in the past we even had local version for that quizzes. So,what's your favorite TV game show? Ever missed that show or imagine yourself play in those games?
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• Philippines
13 Sep 09
my favorite game show is Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?.I find it really entertaining and educational.I love it when the contestants are getting embarrassed when they don't know the answer.I auditioned for the local version of the show.unluckily,I wasn't picked.I will try again next season.
• Indonesia
14 Sep 09
Oh, you should try auditioned again. My sister also auditioned for local version of Deal or No deal,but same as you, unfortunately she did not get to the final round. Who wants to be a millionaire is a good example on a game show which adds our knowledge. In Indonesia, there is nobody who won the top prize until now, they usually stop at the final question. I remember one contestants who stop at final question, but actually when she guess the answer on the final question, her answer is correct. How unfortunate she did not have the guts to answer it, but she already won a lot of money, I think she did not complain much about it :)
• United Kingdom
12 Sep 09
I love Family Fortunes with Les Dennis acting as the host. This is an old show now but it always seems to be on when I tune into the Challenge channel. I used to watch this years ago and they are all repeats now but I like them all the same, they are very entertaining. I also like play your cards right with Bruce Forsyth acting as host. I've seen Takeshi Castle and that can be very funny at times! Otherwise I mainly watch movies. Andrew
• Indonesia
14 Sep 09
I don't know there's a game show called Family Fortunes. What's it about? Takeshi Castle aired at your country? Surprised by it, since I thought it only aired in Asia. Yes, that show can crank me up especially if I see the poor contestants having difficulties about the challenge or they do silly things when they play the game. The hosts are also really funny and their costumes can be really bizarre. Thanks for the response
@laken02 (3067)
• United States
14 Sep 09
I really like to watch deal or no deal.. I think it would be fun to a contestant and easy to win some money.. I liked family fued alot. and who wants to be a millionaire, I sometimes still watch the GSN . Lingo is kind of fun...:)
@scififan43 (2437)
• United States
11 Sep 09
I have never been into game shows but my father loves watheching the Price is Right.