Was I the only one who thought Sam would be the vessel for lucifer?

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September 11, 2009 10:38am CST
I mean, yeah it makes sense and all that he was just being raised up by the demons to kill lilith. Still, the way it was going it seemed like they were trying to make him into the perfect vessel. Don't get me wrong, I do like the way the show is going and the way the vessel was chosen was excellent. It really showed off how cruel and manipulative lucifer is supposed to be. a consummate liar. I was actually annoyed that I have to wait a whole week to find out more!
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12 Sep 09
I agree with you 100%. I enjoyed the season premier also. But I didn't like the way Dean treated Sam. Sure Sam broke the last seal but who broke the first one? Dean did. He tortured souls for decades while he was in purgatory just so he wouldn't have to be tortured himself. Atleast Sam thought what he was doing was right. What's Dean's excuse?
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15 Sep 09
I know right! What's worse is that everyone involved was planning to kill lilith.Kill lilith. Kill lilith! Then one of them does it and suddenly he's like the scum of the earth. Dean: I tortured souls in hell just to save my own skin, but you man.. you.. did exactly what I was gonna do.. how dare you! Sam: me sowwy..
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11 Oct 09
I thought it was pretty obvious that Sam was going to be Lucifer vessel, because just getting him hooked on demon blood to kill Lilith would be kinda lame.
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22 Nov 09
Well.. see I am so glad that it turned out that Sam WAS to be the vessel for Lucifer. It made so much sense.. i'm sure everyone that watches is glad that it finally came to that.. instead of just killing Lilith