Dr. Andrew Weil [sets record] straight in healthcare debate

Dr. Andrew Weil - Dr. Andrew Weil best selling author and integrative medicine health guru
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September 11, 2009 10:58am CST
Larry King really made up with this interview, with Dr. Andrew Weil, after a couple weeks of frustration i have been having at the Larry King show. There has been more than enough political topics that could be discussed and for weeks we have been shows for Micheal Jackson, Charlie Manson and crime thriller episodes like these. Please dont get me wrong, I love Micheal Jackson and he never deserved that kind of greedy attention anyway but with this HR 3200 bill in Congress I just thought Larry King should be focusing on it just as he did during elections. Dr. Andrew Weil Talking Points: ----------------------------- It's useless if you give everybody health care and are still subsidizing cheap (junk) foods and making healthiest foods the hardest to afford We need to focus on preventative care and not intervention care (treating diseases) On Swine flu vaccine: "Im cautiously optimistic," the CDC has been updating quite regularly on vaccine and I'd recommend others follow it too. Im not going to be first in line to get it though until I'm completely sure it's safe. [On flu shot]: I wouldn't put your eggs all in one basket, make sure you give yourself 36 hours since it takes that much for it to be effective and plan accordingly. I use Astragulas myself which is a natural antiviral (Enhances OKT3, OKT4, and OKT4/OKT8 ratio in patients with viral myocarditis) and would recommend many Asian mushrooms as well. We need to change are WHOLE THINKING on how we approach health care We have more specialist than general practitioners and this needs to be changed and we can begin this now by providing funding to educate for this branch In no other country is Pharmaceutical industry so influential in so many sectors of society, including politics Pharmaceutical companies advertising their products needs to stop immediately Health care system is completely profit driven but at same time the system is getting sloppier and sloppier, infections on the rise in hospitals It does no good to take soda's out of the schools if your going to replace it with concentrated fruit juices--its the same thing Advocate of Integrative medicine: using eastern and western medicines together We need to educate doctors on preventative care and its ridiculous many doctors don't know what to do when it comes to preventatives Insurance companies will pay for pharmaceutical drugs any day, over necessary procedures and this needs to change On Obama's speech: He mentioned preventative care but only spoke about mammograms and colonoscopy's, thats so superficial and really does not address the underlying issues that people are not educated on how to really take care of themselves--we need education. He mentioned nothing about how he is going to pay for this reform and it is completely unsustainable and will ultimately bankrupt this country if allowed to go forward. Our health care was rated alongside Serbia accord. to the World Health Organization and part of that has to do with our not insuring everyone but our health care has gotten sloppy--We do not have the best health care in the world. For more information: WEIL: best-selling author and renowned expert on integrated medicine http://www.drweil.com/[b] "Any system we set up, whether it's single payer or universal coverage, is going to be taken down by uncontrollable costs." [/b]http://tabacco.blog-city.com/dr_andrew_weil_interview_on_larry_king_live_healthcare_ref.htm Larry King Show http://www.cnn.com/CNN/Programs/larry.king.live/ "Spontaneous Healing" by Dr. Andrew Weil http://www.amazon.com/Spontaneous-Healing-Discover-Embrace-Maintain/dp/0804117942
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@dragon54u (31651)
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11 Sep 09
I never heard of that doctor, but he really seems to understand what we need! "It's useless if you give everybody health care and are still subsidizing cheap (junk) foods and making healthiest foods the hardest to afford" I've been saying that for years and everyone disagrees, says we need education. You can educate all you want but until they make healthy foods affordable for low income people, we'll have sickness and obesity. I like that doctor!
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12 Sep 09
I have known about him for some time and feel kind of bad that I kind of shrugged him off as just another health guru because I've browsed a couple of his books here and there (like 5 years ago) and it was really simplistic I guess and I just assumed he didn't have much important to say as anyone else but when I heard him speak up for an issue so important the other day, Im his biggest fan--we need more like him!! (and the republican, lol!!)
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