do you sold your dogs puppies?

@flower21 (766)
September 11, 2009 12:46pm CST
i know neighbors who have dogs and gives birth. she feed after one month she sell it. what you do if you see neighbor doing it?
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• United States
11 Sep 09
Well, if it was her dog that had the puppies, then the puppies belong to her. I don't see anything wrong with her selling the puppies. Usually you are supposed to wait six weeks before separating the puppies from the mother, but sometimes they can be separated at only four weeks. Maybe I misunderstood the situation, but I don't see anything wrong with what she is doing.
@flower21 (766)
• Philippines
5 Jun 11
okay, but for me i pity the dog mother she become a mother to bear puppies many times and her body get worn out. i see as form of abuses just like in humans if she keep having babies, likely her body would feel weak. although, some rear dog as a pet and give away the excess if she could no longer feed is better than raise them many and go hungry,
• United States
6 Jun 11
I can see what you are saying, and if these people are just breeding the mother to sell the puppies and not properly taking care of the mother and the pups, then that is not right. Here we would call that a "puppy mill", and it is not allowed. If the mother just has a couple of litters, the puppies and mother are all properly cared for, and the puppies are sold when they are old enough, though, then I really do not see a problem with it. Dogs do not view things the same way that humans do, and in the wild that would be natural behavior for the dogs ... not the puppies being sold, of course, but the puppies growing up and leaving the mother.
@Eisenherz (2910)
• Portugal
12 Sep 09
I don't feel it's fair to the mother to see their puppies being taken away. Usually in my family they don't get to have a family of their own, which is sort of a shame and also a relief because I'm sure that if our ladie dogs did have puppies my mother would seek to sell them at the earliest opportunity, while I'd my best to keep them with us for as longest as possible.
@flower21 (766)
• Philippines
13 Sep 09
that is the way to minimize over population, extra pets mean extra feeding