Trying to get in touch with former teacher for favor but never calls me back...?

United States
September 11, 2009 1:41pm CST
There's an Assistant Director Training Program (like for film/TV, that sort of thing) in NY provided by the DGA which is held once a year. I'm trying to apply for the upcoming one in 2010, one thing they require is two letters of recommendation. So, being that I went to a 'Performing Arts' high school (like in the movie "Fame"), I been trying to get hold of a former acting teacher. First, I was told to speak to this woman whom I guess is a supervisor above the teachers, I don't know, I left a voicemail on her machine. A day later, she didn't call me back so I had to call her - Don't you just love when people never call you back? - When I finally got through to her, she said she will talk to the acting teacher I had and "see if he wants to do it", what kind of crap is that? See if he wants to do it? The main purpose of going to a school like this is to HELP and PREPARE you for a career in Film or TV, is this lady a retard? Anyway she said she would call me back. So that was 2 days ago. Right... So I took it upon myself to call him personally yesterday. I kept calling the office asking for him and they all gave me the run around, oh call back this time, no call back this time, making me look like a total fool and an annoying pest, I really hated that. I tried calling at the end of the day last time and someone took my information to give to him and have him call me back. That was yesterday. I REALLY hate playing this stupid game. You can never rely on people, seriously. This is the only acting teacher I know so I don't know what else to do. I can't just use anybody because what if the reference gets called and they ask oh what do you do by the way? Why do you think he hasn't returned my call? And how come that first woman in charge didn't return my call IN THE FIRST PLACE after I politely left a message on her machine?
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