during the summer do you often wear flip Flops or sandals?

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@jen14ed (866)
September 11, 2009 7:24pm CST
I wear sandals to work flip flops at home all summer i love the freedom?
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@cream97 (29163)
• United States
7 Jun 10
Hi, jen14ed. I like to wear sandals out into public. I love wearing my terry cloth thongs inside of my home to walk in. They are so comfortable.
@labea17 (443)
• Philippines
31 May 10
I love wearing flip flops even if it is not summer! It is especially hot here in the Philippines, so wearing flip flops are highly recommended. They are also very comfortable so you wouldn't worry about hurting your foot or something like that.
@Cherryd41 (1121)
• United States
30 Sep 09
Hi Jen14 I prefer shoes that support my feet in the summer so I wear my sneakers when I'm out and about. I may wear my slippers from time to time at home otherwise I go bare foot however I do not like flip flops unless they are the thick kind not the cheap plastic ones the break apart and are like a half inch of thickness between you and the ground it gives absolutely no support to the arches which is whats needed especially for people like me who have a low arch or flat feet
• India
15 Sep 09
Now days, the flip flops are suddenly the rage. Some how, I hate this flip flops, the reason being,it is highly uncomfortable moreover it is only the poor people in India, wear such sort of footwear. Even though Bata shoe company tried to make it famous, by coming out in colored and printed flip flops, it failed. It is usually available in India for Rs.50 to Rs.100 ($1 to $2).
@laken02 (3067)
• United States
12 Sep 09
I have one pair of sandals that I love to wear, they are white and will go with anything i wear, then i have a pair of clogs that I like to wear alot.. it feels good not to have to wear socks.. I only have a pair of black flip flops, and I dont wear them very often.. :)
@nef633 (34)
• Philippines
12 Sep 09
I wear what I usually wear during rainy days. I just can't use any other kind of foot wear for work, school, and at home. lol