What Assurance Can Automated Election Brings!

September 11, 2009 10:55pm CST
The Philippines has never reported aclean and honest election ever! To prove this, we can read back the Philippine history, from Aguinaldo, to Marcos, to Arroyo. This dilemma has gone down under and it has became a cancer that crept even down to the lowliest position in the barangay. Political mafias in this country are even more lethal than the gangsters in Sicily, capitalizing on the helplessness and the hopelessness of the poor and the needy. I have personally witnessed how people are manipulated by P20 bills, P50 bills and P100 bills by the tentacles of these political hoodlums to lock in votes of their candidates. And nobody of the Godfathers were penalized. Automation of the Philippine elections may be a desperate dead-end of the political elite to camouflage a signal to the international community that at last the Godfathers are repentance of their mortal sins. What the world may not have known is the creativity of these political pundits to create intricate methods of another deception. When I was in the grade school (around '70's) our four mathematical operation problems (addition, subtraction, etc.) were answered through a holed cardboard box. In the cardboard are the mathematical questions that we are going to answer. We jot down our answers through the hole direct to the paper (answer sheet) beneath the cardboard. The Philippine automated election come 2010 will be done through shading (like answering mathematical questions in the grade school exam). Names of the candidates will be paraded in order of their position and alphabet. If you were able to connect how the cardboard and shading may work, then we may be able to predict that this could be used as one of another "modus" for these mafias to experiment this election: create cardboard holes only where their preferred candidates are in the ballot for their "paid" voters to shade. I don't know who can persuade our needy and the poor to refrain from selling their votes; I am not certain when do the tentacles of the political warlords cease to hop from one door to another to distribute blood money to lock in the votes for their political honchos. Poor "Pearl of the Orient Seas". Woe to the ailing Pinoy grassroots. Can these election automated machines bring assurance to a clean and honest suffrage? Could these machines change the attitude of the entire nation? Let's box the moon!
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@nef633 (34)
• Philippines
12 Sep 09
In my opinion, automated election is their way for a possible declaration of Failure of Election making our current President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to extend her position in Malacanang. I am not sure about that, but that's just my opinion.