What Do Bad Kissers Get Out Of Their Rubbish Technique?

@Louc74 (620)
September 12, 2009 12:21am CST
We've probably all been there - the end of the date, and you're still trying to make your mind up whether you want to kiss this guy/girl in the first place, so they move in, your lips meet, and, Oh My God, get your tongue out of my oesophagus! I can't breathe! Murder by tongue! You're trying to pull away, but every time you do, he/she just moves in closer! What I want to know is, is this actually enjoyable to the person "kissing" in this way? What can they possibly find enjoyable about sticking their tongue as far out as it can possibly go, and practically down your throat? Any stories about bad kisses also welcome! Lol!
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