are we really a human!!!!

September 12, 2009 2:56am CST
we all say and know that we are humans,but ASK YOURSELF PERSONALLY ,ARE YOU A HUMAN? what you have done to being a human,HAVE EARN MONEY,HAVE EARN RESPECT,LEAVING A PROPEROUS LIFE etc, this is not a part of humanity. DO HUMANITY THEN YOU WILL BE A HUMAN. LOVE OTHERS AND MADE THE OTHERS TO BE LOVED.
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@mdvarghese (1789)
• Bangalore, India
12 Sep 09
I agree with your observation that earning money, earning respect and leading as prosperous life need not be the criteria for the humanity.Love others, dont harm others. Feel the pain of others, and try to anticipate them. Dont laugh on others. Be kind to others.
@Archie0 (5173)
18 Sep 09
I hate myself, it isn't because i m living an unsuccessful life or i cannot achieve things.. I m pretty successful and i get whatever i want. I hate myself for the dynamic nature i have. I cannot stick to anything for a long time. I get bored easily and i hate getting bored. I hate my stubborn,never give up attitude.. Sometimes it hurts a lot...I keep on going to the edge for people who don't value things done 4 them and I can't stop myself from being so.. This is all why I HATE MYSELF
@Zayviar (10)
• China
12 Sep 09
Hi thats really a complicated question,but personally,I would say I'm an animal(human being),though i don't know if eating animal fresh or killing other animal is right,but I have "human emotional mind",I feel love everyday,and my parents require me to be thankful all the time,and this may be the right for human,however,from my standpoint,some people are just looking like human,they're acting like human, but they have no idea who they are,or they just betray themselves,faking like a beast everyday,thanks your question