Happy River Festival Brisbane!!

September 12, 2009 4:57am CST
Did you go to River Fire tonight or just watch it on tv? For those not in Queensland, Australia, River Fire is a week long festival with lost of different things on every day/night for the week starting off tonight (Saturday night) with the fire worrks & dump & burn done by the Air Forces f111. For the past 4 years, I have had to put up with watching it on tv because I live in Mackay which is 1000kms north of Brisbane. This year I wangted to go because I have moved to the Sunshine Coast & am only a 90 min drive north instead of a 10 hour drive north but YET AGAIN, I had to watch it on tv because my 2 year old daughter didn't have a sleep today & I wasn't putting up with a grumpy toddler - especially for the drive home which she would've screamed most of the way & then fallen asleep 10 mins before we got home. I do hope to make it next year though but the bad thing is this year was the last year for the F111's as they are being decommissioned for being too old & the new jets can't dump & burn :( For those that love River Fire like me, are you also sad to see the last of the dump & burn?
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• Australia
12 Sep 09
We thought about going this year, but decided against it. My son lives on the top (24th floor) of apartments overlooking the Brisbane River and Southbank and has a box seat. His long balcony is usually full of family and guests for RiverFire and other events. Fireworks explode right in front of them, and they can feel the heat as the F111s fly past. A shame this was their last flight.
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12 Sep 09
Your son is sooo lucky!! I know the f111s are being decommissioned but it's a pity that the city budget can't afford to get them for this once a year IMPORTANT mission :p
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15 Jul 10
Thanks for the best response
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16 Jul 10
You are very welcome
@JohnCreg (32)
• Melbourne, Australia
2 Apr 14
I attended Festival in last year, I just want to say it was WOW with lights and attractions.