should government require all young adults to perform national services? like...

@magic9 (981)
September 12, 2009 5:36am CST
Do you agree or disagree with the following statement that the government should require all young adults to perform some kind of national service, such as military service or social work? In my country, China, our government doesn't require young adults to perform some service or social work. therefore when talking about such issue, people can only reflect the military service which few people escepially men would indulge in with only a very small fraction of girls in. As to other types of social work, I myself have never witnessed any or heard of in my whole life. In the period of my schoolhood, only those boys who performed poorly in academic studies chose to join the army because their parents cherished the hope that their sons would be trained in strict discipline and if lucky enough, a stable job might be assured. Later, the army called on more talents from the local universities and senior high schools and offered some favourite policies to encourage top student to join in. Thereafter, few chose to apply for military academy. After their graduation, they work in the army as senior officers. Apart from the above situations, I can hardly think of any service or social works like these. Instead, I often hear people around me, I mean those westerners mention that they once were part of a club, a charity organization or a volunteer, which suprised me a lot. Because people in my hometown seldom have that mood to do some volunteer jobs. We even lack of the awareness of that ! Things are changing now. Nowadays, some international organizations have landed in more countries and some truly enthusiastic people register for spending their leisure time more constructly or offering their help. This is a good change. People who perform social work not only gain some working experience, but also enrich their own life. During the process, they get aquainted with like-minded person, set up friendship, enlarge circle of friends, adjust their attitude towards a richer life. So I wonder if my local government initiate such social groups and make it accessible to everyone, I will be a member of some organization immediately.
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@ladyhope (377)
• Canada
12 Sep 09
Many elementary schools and high schools around here require that a that the student do some community work before they graduate. Usually, it would be in a religion or moral education course that the teacher would assign it. I think the government should make it mandatory for all schools to have this requirement as volunteering somewhere can teach a child much!