attention?computer is governing us or we r governing it

September 12, 2009 8:42am CST
we all are in the grip of using computer ,we use it daily for our purpose whatsoever will be the purpose whether for work or entertainment.i just wnat to say "USE IT TILL IT IS YOUR HOBBY" AND AVOID IT WHEN IT BECOME YOUR HABBIT. computer is man made so we should govern it not it should govern us.
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@Tom728 (176)
• United States
11 Oct 09
Maybe you should learn more about your computer and less time fearing the hunk of metal. I will never buy anything that i couldn't destroy without fear of hurting myself or others. Actually a computer is a really harmless device until people start reading the things it says on it or watching stupid frigging videos and other nonsense.
• India
11 Oct 09
The computer is more than a hobby these days, it is a part of life you cannot do without. Everything is becoming computer controlled or driven,even our lives. When the first machines had come into existence a lot of people had said one day machine will control man. But that has not come by and it will never happen unless man builds a machine superior to himself, a machine so powerful that it can control the brain of a man.Then man would become God.
• India
13 Sep 09
as my opinion yes what u said is correct to some extent
12 Sep 09
today we will spend much more time on the internet, if noe day we lost the computer, i don't know what we do. in fact, i think the computer still control of us, special the young.