The 0 response thing rehashed..still agin..

United States
September 12, 2009 10:53am CST
Come on..! Mylot is a big information storehouse whose 'wares' are a myriad of discussions, of which I have added a few, and to date have more 0 response than not. Do I let it get me down..NO! a for instance..Today I have to work. Will have to leave in an hour and a half..The point of the prattle? I'm under time restraints today and I figure other folks find themselves likewise with time restraints. And then there's just mood. I've looked over discussions and just not had the interests or the mind to pursue it and hit it a ways down the road (a couple days later, as I can). There's so many possibilities that have nothing to do with quality. I figure if someone hasn't seen fit to take it off the shelf of this storehouse today then hey, there's always tomorrow.. Comments, notions, hate mail (we need papers for Sammie's cage).. ENJOY!
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@musicman6 (2402)
• United States
12 Sep 09
In, reality, there are so many discussions on here, it is impossible to get to any significant amount of them to answer them! And that is what I like about it, you can choose, any topic, interest, or information you need, and get involved, and that only leaves 95% of other discussions you never even see! You would have to be on here for 24 hours at a time to even make a ripple into getting a large percentage of discussions! I had to prioritize mine so I could get a system for discussing the interests, and with friends that I associate with! I start off, when I go to myLot, with 'discussions my friends have started', then I go to 'discussions in my interests', then I'll check the 'world news' to see if there is any I want to comment on, then I go to 'discussions with no responses', because sometimes I find a discussion that I want to comment on that interests me! Then if I ever finish all of these, I go and check, and see if anyone has commented on a discussion that I commented on! And like I say, the other 95% of the discussions, I never get to them, because there is only so much time in a day! ! !
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@bunnybon7 (46902)
• Holiday, Florida
17 Sep 09
i see our friend mike has answered the same i was going to before me. you need more friends thats what gets the ball rolling for one thing because they get notified about your discussions. myself i have to many friends to keep up with now that the ball is rolling so to speak and what i do is answer one of their discussions as soon as they respond to mine. that way im keeping up with the right friends.
@rosekiss (30332)
• Eugene, Oregon
13 Sep 09
You know, if that would ever happen to me, then I would just chalk it up that the discussion was interesting enough to get users to respond to. It is very hard to get users to respond to some discussions, as there are lots of dixussions, so some will get overlooked an dnot get responses. I had one discussion that got just one response, and I am glad fur for that one. I wouldn't let it bother me though, if I had any that 0 responses, as I would feel that maybe it just wasn't interesting enough, and people just skipped it. I am thankful for ll the responses I have received though, as it makes me feel good toknow that people thought enough of my discussion to respond to it. That is the way I look at it. Good luck to you and happy mylotting.