Mad people are you afraid of them?

@megaplaza (1441)
September 12, 2009 5:52pm CST
Recently, we had a mad woman in our neighbourhood who goes about picking at people and calling people name. I guess today was our turn. She came to our compound and started calling people names. I have to use stick, cane to flog her out of the compound. After, she wanted to fight me for asking her to leave our compound
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@Hatley (164237)
• Garden Grove, California
13 Sep 09
hi megaplaza I dont know where you are but here in the uS we dont go' flogging someone even a mad woman,thats breaking the law.what we do'is call the police and let them handle her. You cannot be your own law here or your own police,you will g et into big trouble.just call the authorities as that is what they are there for.not worth getting thrown in jail over a mad woman.She probAbly needs to be in an institution or she got awayfrom one.but it is stillup to the police to take care of her in any event.
@megaplaza (1441)
• Nigeria
13 Sep 09
What happens to self defense, haha am in nigeria. Police here is not what u think, they don't respond even if criminals attack you, let alone a mad person.