How can you be more healthier with your dog?

September 13, 2009 4:28am CST
Looking for a new way to make yourself exercise no matter how resistant you may seem to occasionally be and also get the benefits of a wonderful companion? How about getting the healthy side effects of loving touch as an added bonus? Dogs provide a lot more than just fun companionship. They are a truly healthy way to enhance your life in many other ways also. Let's take a look at some of the ways a dog can readily enhance your health and fitness!Love is something that is hard to explain scientifically, but loving touch actually produces chemicals that relieve stress and as a result make a person much happier. When your pet licks or nozzles you lovingly it produces a very positive reaction. Specifically, in scientific terms, a chemical called "oxytocin" is produced and sent into your body to sooth and relax. this chemical causes a sgnificant reduction in stress levels which is rather obviously great for your health as it relieves tension which is the only real issue. Anyone who is kind to their pets and has a good relationship with them will almost definitely benefit from their affectionate touch.
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