Homeschooling yay or nay?

United States
September 13, 2009 4:29am CST
It seems that people are homeschooling more and more. Does anyone on here homeschool their kids? If so what do you do to keep your kid(s) socialized with other kids? What is you general opinion of homeschooling? I knew a few teenagers who are doing homeschooling through the computer and they seem to really enjoy it. They say that doing it at home makes it so that they can get right to work and get it done at their pace whether it is slower or faster.
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@UmiNoor (4483)
• Malaysia
15 Sep 09
Homeschooling is not an option in my country. Here in my country it is compulsory for parents to send their children to school otherwise they can be fined and maybe even put to jail. My daughter has been pestering me to allow her to be home schooled but my fear is that she would not have the advantage of being guided by a teacher who should be able to teach her stuff that the computer or books alone can't.
@xfahctor (14118)
• Lancaster, New Hampshire
13 Sep 09
The most common myth I see on home schooling is the kids suffer from a lack of socializing. This does not have to be the case at all. In most states, even if you home school your children, they have the right and option to take part in public school activities, clubs and classes to supliment their education and get the social interaction. You can also team up with other home schooling parents. Form a group with other parents who do this or find an existing one in your area. They are probably more prevelant than you might think. This is also a way to organize field trips and group learning activities. It can also help YOU as the parent-educator, share tips, share materials, get advice, compair notes and such. I think home schooling is a great option if you are willing and able to put the time and energy in to it. Home schooled kids accel academicly and are also not subject to the social pressures of the public school system, they are also not subject to the indoctrination that is so rampant in to it.
@iamsolucky (1241)
• Philippines
13 Sep 09
Hi there and smile! The main disadvantage of homeschooling (in my opinion) will be the lack of socialization by your children. Not being able to learn with friends, and not being able to associate and congregate with other kids of the same age could lead to some developmental problems. An inability to socialize well, a shyness that comes with not being around other kids, and a tendency to work better as an individual, rather than in a team stem from this lack of association. These are of course things that could be overcome if the attempt is made to rectify them. By being involved in other activities such as dance or sports, by living in a neighborhood with many other children that can be socialized with in free time, or by having siblings or cousins that are in the public system, the social skills can rub off on kids that are homeschooled. I think that it is important for all kids to have an open environment to hang-out with kids their own age, and if not in school, then there should be another source. Happy mylotting and smile always!