why women still behind, when they are featured every where..??

@drdivu (1011)
September 13, 2009 2:37pm CST
hi all.. i was still wondering why women are still considered behind men when they are featured everywhere..!! every advertisement, endorsements, product lauching ceremonies, socialite parties, guides n many more roles they play..!! but still they are considered less than men..!! why so..???
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• Saudi Arabia
13 Sep 09
nothing other than destiny..
@drdivu (1011)
• India
15 Sep 09
well, i see... thanks...
• United States
14 Sep 09
I think it's because we are still physically weaker than a man in regards to physical strength. And of course since we have the kids we are obligated to give up our careers ect to raise our family. Let me tell you being pregnant and delivering a baby thru your body is not for the weak! SOmetimes when a question like this comes up makes me wonder if Amazon women did exist somewhere. I imagaine they perhaps did once upon a time or in the mind of a woman who was tired of playing second fiddle to a male.