Teen marraige.

United States
November 13, 2006 10:08pm CST
What do you think about teen marriage? I don't like it that much. Marriage at 18 or 19 doesn't bother me, but most teens under 18 are still living in their parent's homes, and here's my idea of marriage: 1) True love. You love them despite their wrongs and their faults. 2) It's for life. While I don't look down on divorce like a conservative, I don't like it when people get knocked up and run off to Vegas and get married b/c their drunk. (I think it should be illegal to get married while intoxicated but thats a whole different topic...) 3) Financial stability. Now, I can understand married couples going through hard times, but it's stupid to get married if Mom and Dad are still supporting you. 4) It shouldn't happen just because she's pregnant. If you don't love each other it'll float to the top. And eventually, you WILL find someone you WANT to be with, and it'll fall apart. To be honest, not many teens fit all four. I can't speak for all... there are a few teens that are mature enough to handle true love, commit to a lifetime relationship, who can handle financial concerns and who wouldn't do it just to get out from under Mom and Dad's control. But most wouldn't. ~ What are your opinions on teen marriage? Where I live, it's 16 w/parental consent. The reason why I say it should be 18 is because not only should teens pretty much be protected from themselves, but some parents force their teens to marry - and I don't think that should be allowed either.
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@Fragile (361)
• Philippines
14 Nov 06
I disagree to have teem marraiges...