New AFI album Crash Love on Sept. 29. Are you excited?

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September 13, 2009 10:36pm CST
It has been approximately 3 1/2 years since AFI released a studio album. Despite many claims from many fans that Decemberunderground was a bust compared to AFI's previous works, I didn't mind the album so much. There were a few songs that I truly enjoyed such as "Endlessly, She Said", "Summer Shudder", "Rabbits Are Roadkill on Route 37", etc. Anyway,the band had been flirting around the topic of releasing an EP of the leftover songs from their previous studio albums, but alas... the hype was for nothing since I see no EP. However, Jade Puget posted a blog on his site about the upcoming release of AFI's new album, Crash Love. Honestly, when I found out what the name of the album was, I cringed. When I found out what the concept of the album was, I cringed. Celebrities? Paparazzi? Ugh. But I do have faith in the boys in creating an excellent album so I decided to hold my opinions until the album releases. It has been a little over five or six months since the announcement and so far, two songs have been released: "Medicate" and "Fainting Spells". All I can say is wow. I seriously underestimated AFI's talent and quickly judged them over something as petty as an album name. "Medicate" is the first single for the Crash Love album and has been playing on the radio this past month while "Fainting Spells" has been industriously circulating on the internet. "Medicate" is pretty cool as a single, but "Fainting Spells" is the best. The first few seconds are pretty mellow and I didn't think that it was very special but then the chorus hit. I must say, "Fainting Spells" completely owns. Now before I go on a long tangent about the album, how do you feel about the new material?
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14 Sep 09
3 and a quarter-ish... decemberunderground was released on 6/6/06. Davey said in an interview, I can't remember where now, that they believe this is their landmark album, the one that will be remembered. That is a HUGE statement because Black Sails was absolutely amazing. So was the Art of Drowning for that matter. And the amount of work that went into creating the 336-Sing the Sorrow-Clandestine album/concept/puzzle was mindblowing. And if you listen to DU as a continuation of STS/Clandestine, as it was intended, it makes it that much better. Unfortunately, rather than listen to the brilliance of the album, critics compare DU to the albums of the 90s - Answer That, Shut Your Mouth - and complain that it's not "hard core" or "punk enough." Or they've listened to Dexter Holland's A Fire Inside album that the band themselves ridiculed and that's their basis for comparison. I've been with them since the beginning and accept every new album as a progression and sign of growth in their style and career. Out of 72 songs they chose 12 for the album (Fainting Spells is actually not one of's going to be on special editions, same as Rabbits are Roadkill, On the Arrow, etc but it's not on the base, original, regular release) and that's how they work every album. That's why there is so much time between them. Also Davey and Jade took part of that time to work on Blaqk Audio (a project I sincerely hope they haven't "gotten out of their system"; I'd love more of that). I've been waiting with bated breath for months; I'm absolutely more than ready. *DF/5C*
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15 Sep 09
That is completely true. The entire Clandestine puzzle was incredible. I think I saw something on Buzznet from Mark that there is a "new" mystery in the works. But please don't misunderstand my statements above, I absolutely love that the band isn't spewing out the same album every time they release something. Decemberunderground just isn't my favorite out of the others that have been released. On a side note: I believe Jade said on his blog that he was working on some Blaqk Audio material alongside the new album. So I'm sure that after the boys have toured their hearts out, a Blaqk Audio album will be released. Oh, have you listened to the 30 seconds of "Beautiful Thieves" yet?
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8 Dec 09
I love the new album. I think it sounds like a mix of Sing the Sorrow, December Underground and some of their other (best-er) stuff. I really love how AFI incorporates some social commentary into their music.
@rg0205 (2638)
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14 Sep 09
I used to love them because of the first album but after that, I didn't really like their music all that much. I prefer the first and actually I didn't know the band is still in tact. Thanks for posting. I didn't know about this.