Do you know of the Jediism religion?

September 14, 2009 12:55am CST
Actually, I refer to Jediism as a philosophy or a way of life, much like I regard Buddhism. However, to be taken seriously and be recognized properly as an entity by law, application for status as "religion" is necessary. I am a member (online) of two established organizations of Jediism as a religion: Order of the Jedi Canada (henceforth OOTJC) and Temple of the Jedi Order (TOTJO). Jediism is a religion based on the ways of the fictional Jedi in the Star Wars universe created by Geroge Lucas. But unlike other religions it does not discriminate and it accepts other people of other religion and does NOT require them to abandon their present religion to join. For example, I am a Catholic/Christian Jedi and I THINK there is at least 1 Catholic priest in TOTJO. TOTJO is a Texas non-profit religious and educational corporation and donations are tax deductible, and is tax exempt. OOTJ was recognized by the Canadian Government as a Not-For-Profit Religious entity in January 12, 2009. However, in Canada, corporations still have to apply for approval to gain recognition in the Provinces (e.g. Ontario, Quebec). That process is now being worked out. We are not mere fanboys, not roleplaying, and we are not issued light sabers after our training. We respect life and the laws of different territories and we are committed to improving our own life and to helping others. Of all our characteristics, the most important is that we are united in the Force. There's a lot more to be said, but I want to hear from you. Have you heard of this? And what is your reaction to this?
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