Crazy or building home?

Serbia And Montenegro
September 14, 2009 7:56am CST
In my country when someone walks and talks to nobody we say he is crazy or building home. I can tell you, it's so true. My daughter started recently to build her hose and she really started to talk to her self. She doesn't even notice it.Did you ever talked to your self? I must have when I made my home.You have so much things on your mind, no wonder you start to talk loud to nobody. Have you ?
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@EliteUser (3964)
• Australia
19 Sep 09
Hey, Yea many people talk to themselves even I sometimes talk to myself just really softly. People mainly do that when they have many things on their mind at once, they are just too stressed, they need some relaxation time. Make sure you have a good day, Happy Lotting!!
@shibham (16977)
• India
15 Sep 09
Yes vekica. I converse with myself when i want to create some new writings. As I write poem, short stories and novels, i have to plant the theme and enlarge it so I talk with myself and furnish and nourish my theme. my favorite time for it is evening and place is toilet.(don’t laugh). Thanks verkica for sharing some new about your
@irene66 (1669)
• Philippines
14 Sep 09
I've noticed this too to my children. but when they were still young. I believe it's part of growing up. They talk to themselves as if they have imaginary playmate. But when an adult talks to herself, I think she's going beyond the line. Nevertheless, I tried once, this is when I was too stressed for something!! To me, it's a kind of defense mechanism.