$1 gift, what can you give for the best with this amount?

September 14, 2009 12:21pm CST
I and my friends want to manage a charity with gifting solutions for the orphans. But since most of us confusing about what is the best thing to give, we arrange the rules which we should give a gift which only has price of $1 for each orphans. Since there will be hundreds of orphans on this charity, that's why we limit the gift price so every orphans can get one gift from us but no one will receive a same gift. What is the best thing we can buy with $1 which different each and another. I need many advice in urgent. Have a nice day and happy mylotting.
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@nowment (1758)
• United States
14 Sep 09
Giving gifts that wold be different for the cost of one dollar for hundreds doesn't seem to doable. Though you could perhaps check sites like Oriental Trading Co. where you might be able to get some small items in larger qualitities for lower prices and perhaps that way you and your friends can pool your money, and then get variety of things. Of course it would also depend on where you are located, etc because the value of a dollar varies depending on area as do the options. Example, friends I know had adopted a little girl from South America, from a small orphanage that relies solely on donations, so prior to leaving to meet the little girl they were to adopt, knowing how desperate the orphanage was for items and funds they stopped at dollar stores and purchased a couple of suit case full of items, such as baby blankets, bottles, rattles, and other similiar items. There is a discount store in the area where instead of paying 10 dollars for a pair of shorts for a child they could pay 2 or 3 per pair so they went there as well to get various sizes, while they may have wanted to get those items that were most expensive there was no need when the same items that they got were not such an inferior quality. So it depends on where you and what type of stores are available in your area, and what are the ages of the children you are buying for.
• Indonesia
15 Sep 09
In my country, $1 can be use for buying simple clothes, or for one time meal, and many more. So that's why we decided to giving this small amount gift for the first time because we will spend hundreds of dollars for all the orphans. Currently this total amount is our ability so far but we always hope if we could do and give more to them. Have a nice day and happy mylotting.
@nowment (1758)
• United States
16 Sep 09
Well hopefully there will be many options and it is a great thing you and your friends are doing and hopefully more people will join your group, and do this for the children. I do not know if you are familiar with the song oringally sung by George Benson, then re-recorded by Whitney Houston, called the Greatest Love of All, but the lyrics are about teaching children to believe in themselves Something I noticed was that sometimes just one act of kindness from another person can do that, because sometimes it is that seemingly little thing that shares the message that hey you are special and deserve so much so keep striving for the best.... I lived in a neighborhood when I was younger that was not the best, mom was struggling financially, one of the kids in the neighborhood was well on his way to becoming a thug, or worse, but one of the older ladies one day asked him to help with the groceries to bring them in the house. This woman, then made some seemingly casual comments on how she knew he was strong enough to help carry her load, and that was why she asked him, how she realized that it must be hard being so young with such a responsibility, since it took someone special to know that being physically strong is something that is a gift that can be used to help or harm others. She thanked him, and asked for his help in the future, and a few such comments began to get to this kid, so that instead of becoming a bully who beat up on people he eventually became a firefighter as an adult, but in school he tended to defend those who the bully picked on, she gave him the chance to see himself as someone special who had possibilities. Its great that you and your friends are taking the time and effort to show these children that they are special and someone cares, who knows how many lovely directions that may take.
• Philippines
18 Oct 09
hi there, That's commendable. By the way what country are you from? I'll add you as a friend.
@killersss (638)
• India
14 Sep 09
i think it totally depends on where you live, i live in india and here $1= rs 50 so you can buy some good stuff not expensive or very good but reasonably good stuff. you could buy a card or something. i think it also depends on the person you are giving this gift to.
@wmraul (2554)
• Bucharest, Romania
14 Sep 09
Go to certain stores and ask if they have extra stock which they plan to get rid of .. try this on to ask on supermarkets (for sweets or similars), book stores, big clothes shops, second hand clothes shops .. Once you contact managers of those shops, if you know how to introduce your charity program to them, you may also get some of them to involve into the activity ...