what can u say about this anime???

@shhheila (1845)
September 14, 2009 12:29pm CST
have u watched: Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo Suru or I LOVE MY YOUNGER SISTER... this story is about --- Yori and Iku are twins are very close, but Yori has never seen Iku as just his sister. They were always together as children. As teenagers, Iku has noticed that her big brother was acting harsh to her and was trying to stay away from her. Iku is confused by his behavior. Yori was trying to hide the fact that he was in love with his sister. This forbidden love has caused sleepless nights for him (Yori and Iku share a room with bunk-beds). Yori applied for a boarding school in another city to try and get over Iku. He even had a fling with Iku's best friend! When Iku started to talk about having a boyfriend and going on dates, Yori confessed his love for his sister. Iku realizes that she loves her brother that way. Some incest comes in. It's not really graphic though. Iku wants to be happy with her brother and is willing to do anything about it. i was curious about this anime so i watched it on youtube, oh what a surprise, i thought that in the end they are not real twins... i dont like the ending too... this anime is not for kids... because of the incest content... hmmm.... have u watched this? if not, watch it on youtube... the anime is less than an hour long...
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@david2005 (798)
• Canada
21 Sep 09
I have watched it and I think that it is a very interesting show to watch but I do agree with you though that it isn't for kids to watch though!
• Indonesia
14 Sep 09
Sounds like a comic book i had read some time ago. I was wishing the end of the story was they finally found out they are not siblings. In order that they can endorse their feeling of love. Ok, i'll watch in youtube.
• Philippines
14 Sep 09
Hello shiela. I think that's more than just an anime, it's a bit of a taboo and a hentai (pervert) as well in the movie. well, i have watch it a couple of times, including the real movie too. anime it's the same thing, they're not really brothers and sisters biologically but they became siblings because there parents got married..one of the most sensational there was they were swearing they're love oath at the church when ku felt disgusted when she was looking at the statue. in the end yoki left and iku felt so lonely. the real version was sad too as he carried yuki from one to ten after that they became real siblings as they cried..
@mrinali (392)
• India
14 Sep 09
Ok..let me watch anime and I'll come back her to comment..Thanks