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September 14, 2009 8:54pm CST
I went to work today and my boss tells me that another employee wants Halloween off. Which I did have a problem with concidering Halloween fell on a Saturday and I work the morning shift and I would be able to take my son out trick or treating. That is my permant schedule to work mornings on weekends. He informed me that I was not going to work my morning shift and he was going to and I was going to have to work second shift. I asked him why and he said that he refuses to work second shift. He is suppose to be the on call supervisior. On call means you work when ever needed not when you want to. Now I am going to miss trick or treating with my son. I asked him dice that was my permant schedule on the weekends could I just work my regular shift and he said either you work second or take the day off and him and the other worker will work a twelve hour day. The point I am tring to make is that I should not have to change my plans and my schedule because the on call doesn't want to work what he suppose to. I hate when someone switches my schedule without even telling me. Especially when I had plans with my son. He said I could take the day off but that does not account for the eight hours I would miss. My schedule was perfect until he did this because he doesn't like working second shift. This is really unfair and selfish.
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4 Oct 09
I am sorry to hear that! I can't believe that your boss would do that after you had a set schedule. I know that I would be very upset that I didn't get to take my son trick or treating. :(
@mama_bear (1120)
• Canada
16 Sep 09
that would make me unspeakably angry! i love halloween it is my favorite time of year. and on top of that it is the special time with your son. how dare that other person do that, that is lame-o. that is unacceptable and selfish, you should make it known in your own diplomatic way that you are not amused! sorry dude i shall be thinking of you some halloween.
@thyst07 (2079)
• United States
15 Sep 09
I hate that! I'm not working right now, but I've had bosses that messed my schedule up. My husband's bosses do that to him constantly now. They will even change his schedule at the last minute- not too long ago, he drove to work one morning (over half an hour drive) and was told when he got there that they changed his schedule to the afternoon. So he had to drive back home, wait a couple of hours, and then drive to work again. I think your supervisor is being completely unfair. The person who asked the day off gets it without problem, but you ask to work your normal schedule and are not allowed to? That just doesn't make any sense. If your supervisor doesn't want to work the second shift, he should have just told the other employee that they couldn't have the day off. Is there anyone who's above your supervisor that you could talk to to resolve the situation?