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depression - people need help
@gemini13 (333)
September 15, 2009 8:30am CST
if you think some one is depressed or you feel depressed and see behavioral changes and various symptoms which worry you that something is wrong.. so how long we have to wait for the medication can depression be solved and treated by simple non medical way
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15 Sep 09
It depends on the level of depression you are suffering with and on your will and stamina.However eventhough if you use medicine they are a waste if you don't have a will to come out of that depression.So its all a psychological thing not a medical thing.first of all you should have the will... And the next important thing is time.You cannot work wonders with in a night.It takes time to come out of time.And time is the best healing factor of all the medicines. The best way to come out of depression is keep oneself busy with work and hanging with friends etc.... They will work out...
@abanerji (1026)
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15 Sep 09
when one notices the first symptoms of depression then one can start some non-medical ways of curbing depression. regular exercises and outings can release the level of stress and reducing some amount of depression. these things can be strated at any point of time. when th edepression is at a high evel then it is always recommended to consult a specialist who can give the best guidance.