What is the best way of reprimanding a child?

September 15, 2009 9:49am CST
I am a mom of three bouncy kids. And being a mother is a big responsibility. I find it hard to reprimand my babies when they did something wrong. When i scold them, it hurts me to see them sad and disappointed. When i punnish them, they got angry with me as well, and i don't think they learn from punnishments- facing the wall, or spanking their butts. I know i had to teach them a lesson... even though they don't like it and that they don't really listen sometimes. I know its for their own good but what are the best ways of teaching them effectively. When you are angry or mad about something that your child did, what do you do? How do you deal with them?
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@sid556 (30960)
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17 Sep 09
It's not easy at all. you can't let your own reactions get in the way. You have to treat it with love and that is really hard because the do push your buttons. When you least feel like it, that is the time you that you really need to give a big ole hug. That is when they need it the most. That is when they are being the most unloveable and it is so hard. I had out of 4 children...one that was so difficult. I know the frustration of parents. I wasn't always right in how I handled things. I definitly wasn't. I loved her....I I loved her more than anything in the world and my goal was to find a way to work things out with her. I didn't care about being right. She is 23 now....we still don't see eye to eye but she knows that I have her back and she does know that I love her. She is doing so much better. She is a good person and that is important. That is really important. Im confident that she will "get it".