AdFlasher 411

United States
September 15, 2009 12:35pm CST
I have seen a number of posts on AdFlasher and wanted to give some info on my experiences with the program thus far. Before I share this information I just want to say that I have not determined if this is a program I want to endorse. It will take some time to establish their credibility and I will not place AdFlasher information on my site until they have proven themselves. I will update here as I find good or bad information. I joined the program last Wednesday evening. When I first signed up I didn't have a lot of time to spend so I just checked out the information in the back office. AdFlasher gives 5 free adviews when you first join. Mostly, it seems the free adviews are a warm up to get you familiar with how to view. I did the first 5 adviews and then purchased my first adview pack of 100 views for $15.00. It wasn't until Sunday that I was able to go back and do some more testing. I jumped in and did the adviews. My account information was updated as I did the views and after I had completed the views, I had $30.00 appear in my "Pending Funds" area. It did take a few hours for the money in the "Pending Funds" area to post to the "Available Balance." As with any other program, I always advise people to recover their initial investment before spending more money. I next requested a $30.00 withdraw to my AlertPay. Within 20 minutes, I received an email from AlertPay saying I had received money. Now I have no idea if they will always pay this fast or if they will even be in business when it is time for the next withdraw. As of the time of this message I have had $54.00 in pending funds for over 24 hours. They do say in the FAQ section that it could take from 5 hours to 7 days to process funds. AdFlasher does send support messages right to your back office. The last support message I received stated they were going to temporarily suspend the purchase of Adview Packs. When I went to the page to purchase Adview Packs today I noticed the following message "Thank you for your interest in purchasing View Packs. Unfortunately, View Packs are not available at this time. This page will automatically update to a check out form. Check back in often because every time an Ad Pack is sold a view pack may become available." I have mixed feelings about this message. I will keep most of my thoughts out of this post since it appears that AdFlasher maybe managing this program for some longevity. The thing that comes to mind is most programs looking to only take your money would continue to sell sell sell. Could this just be a smoke screen? It's certainly possible! I have to say that I am one of the biggest skeptics when it comes to online programs. AdFlasher is showing some signs of possibly being a real program. I will remain watchful and will post as I get more info. As well, I will watch this board to see what others are finding. Hope this helps! Roger,
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• China
16 Sep 09
Is adfresher so wonderful? I didn't join it but the big money (30 usd for just a few hours) seems not real,I am always wondering where does the money come from ,we should first make money then we can get money.
• Singapore
16 Sep 09
well thanks a lot of telling about the program. well i just came online and wanted to see wht it was abt. u really made it clear. i usually dont invest money and do a program so anyways gotta watch how it is picking up. well great tht u got paid so much. all the best