What happened when others asked for ur suggestion?Can u really change their mind

September 15, 2009 6:26pm CST
My senior classmate wanna go to shanghai so as to find a new job though she already has a very good one in another town. I know lots of people wanna cross the fence so that they can enjoy the supposing greener grass on the other side. The truth is I doubt it is reallly greener...However, on the other hand, you can go with your heart to make any mistake too. Well, nobody knows what might end up! Just like a Chinese saying goes, complete sincerity can affect even mental and stone. Couldn't say you are making a wrong plan even though you are against the logical thinking... I just have no design on any big city...I don't know why so many people are so desperate to land on it ...I am sort of accustomed to seeing the big cities...besides the high buildings and large mansions, what else do you expect? Kinder people, or less pressure, or better chance, is visionary hope! When you move from a small town to a bigger town, you will find a change in form but not in content or essence!If you do wish to taste something new, go abroad then... Here is the thing! She asked my suggestion and she just didn't listen to me at all. This is the funny part! Well,when someone decides to do something, it seems that you can't persuade him or her no matter how gifted you are good at talking or what sense you make! Even if they asked your suggestion, what they would like to hear is that you couldn't agree with them more...Supposed you said something else, you tended to strat a debate competition, it's like you are on the negative side... You should let them go...Afterall, one's destination can only be achieved by oneself. If someone is so yeaning for something, just let them go for it! Maybe, the view in another world is spectacular! What do you think? ,... haha, last,by the way, now that there is merely slim chance that I surpass them in terms of wealth like Bill Gates' kids, I am determined to survive them, a more hopeful goal...huh? :D
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• Canada
15 Sep 09
Some people genuinely ask for other people's opinion about something because they are completely unsure about it, and probably want some insight before making a decision. But I know what you're talking about. My mom's like that. She asks for my opinion on something and then ignores it and goes about whatever decision she was already thinking of. But generally, when someone asks for my opinion, I give it to them but respect whatever it is they decide. After all, it is their decision.
• China
16 Sep 09
I couldn't agree with you more! They may be so hesitant that they ask for others' opinion, but they hoep that you will support them.
@peace001 (726)
• China
16 Sep 09
maybe they don't need our any suggestions they just want to sharing hei feelings and what we just should do is only listenning,and say nothing.sometimes it is better to say nothing than to comfort them.why should have a try?maybe you will donot feel sad.
@bellis716 (4804)
• United States
16 Sep 09
It appears that your feelings are hurt because she did not take your advice. She is a free agent, which you acknowledge but do not wish to accept. Most likely, it is as you hinted, her mind was already set. My father's favorite saying would fit well here. It is "Convince a man against his will and he will be of the same opinion still". Do not chastise yourself. Your friend has to be in charge of her own destiny.
• Philippines
16 Sep 09
not really, they will ask your opinion but doesnt mean that they will follow it. they will just want to know whats other people thinking about a certain thing. though some of them gathered all the information and check which one is better and they will try to apply it if it will work or not.