Golden Retriever

September 15, 2009 6:41pm CST
Do you have a golden Retriever at your home? I have two that I bought them (female and male) for almost a year. I have a problem to my male Retriever. It is indeed a smart breed, it could understand of your mood well although it is naughty and playful. However, it never bark whenever it sees any stranger! I searched through the web sources, but only shown how the make the dog stop barking. Anyone can possibly advice?
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@nowment (1758)
• United States
15 Sep 09
Not sure are you trying to get the dog to bark at strangers? If so maybe you should try training the dog to be a watch dog, that may help. Some of them are just not barkers in general, and some are. Good dogs but like Labs stay puppies forever so will always be playful and friendly.
• Malaysia
16 Sep 09
Dear nowment, Thank you for your reply. I am really not sure the behaviour of the dog and I am presumed that the dog will bark in general? I was born in Asian country, from my childhood time, all the dogs would bark.There were exactly that I found on the internet sources that only train the dogs not to bark too much. Unfortunately, this imported breed never bark whenever it sees the strangers. I don't mean to train it becomes a watch dog, as I read the said breed's nature is friendly and playful. But is it kind of strange, isn't it? Is there anyone has any ideas how on how to train it to bark? ... the older people here suggest to feed it with some chillies to make it bark...can it works..?